Passive House Module

Stay ahead of changing energy codes, climate regulations, and the rapidly evolving real estate market. Explore BE-Ex’s courses on Passive House – a high comfort, low energy-use building standard shaping the future of the industry. BE-Ex’s Passive House Training Series features a variety of 30- to 60-minute courses on the fundamental principles of high-performance design and construction. This introductory series offers an accessible entry point for audiences of all backgrounds.

Passive House Module: Project Process

Learn the basic process and keys to success for getting a building retrofit or new construction project certified to the International Passive House Standard.

Course Price: $10
Credits: 1.0 AIA LUHSW

Passive House Module: Windows & Doors

High-performance windows and doors improve thermal comfort and save energy. This module explains how, along with tips for product selection and installation.

Course Price: $10
Credits: 1.0 AIA LUHSW

Passive House Module: Airtightness

A good airtight layer keeps out pollution, pests, and allergens, and mitigates moisture and mold issues, ensuring excellent indoor air quality while dramatically cutting energy use. Learn how, in this quick introduction.

Course Price: $5
Credits: 0.5 AIA LUHSW