BE-Ex Ed

BE-Ex Ed is the Building Energy Exchange’s online platform for on-demand educational content.  BE-Ex Ed features videos on energy efficiency, high-performance design, and policy and codes that impact the building industry.  All courses are available for continuing education credit or a certificate of completion.


The Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex)

BE-Ex is a center of excellence dedicated to reducing the effects of climate change by improving the built environment. BE-Ex accelerates the transition to healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient buildings by serving as a resource and trusted expert to the building industry.

BE-Ex advances energy efficiency solutions through education, exhibitions, technology demonstrations, and research. Visit us online to learn more and check out our calendar of upcoming live events for additional training opportunities.


NAPHN: BE-Ex is an educational partner of the North American Passive House Network (NAPHN), an organization that works towards the transformation of the built environment using the International Passive House Standard.

Together, BE-Ex and NAPHN offer a pipeline of online and in-person trainings – ranging from introductory-level courses for those new to Passive House, to more advanced offerings for certified Passive House professionals.  Visit NAPHN online to learn more about their courses

NYC Accelerator: BE-Ex is the education and information hub for the NYC Accelerator, a program of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate and Sustainability, which offers free, personalized guidance to make cost-saving, energy-efficiency upgrades and reduce carbon emissions in New York City.

Visit them online to learn more about their technical assistance and other resources offered.